Econ Cow

Hello! Econ Cow is a new educational YouTube channel by an economist.

I’m still learning how to make videos and would like to improve and get really good at doing this. So if you have any suggestions for improvement, please just leave me a comment on YouTube!


My latest videos are on the fallacy of the hot-hand fallacy. Part #1 done so far; #2 coming soon.

Before that I was working on series of videos about the puzzle of voting. Parts #1 through #6 done so far; #7 coming soon.

Previous videos

“The Price of Saving a Life … is $3,340” was one of my earlier videos. It’s definitely too slow-paced and not entertaining enough, and I would’ve deleted it (I’ve deleted a few other earlier videos too) … except that it got enough views and attention (from the Effective Altruism community of course), plus it’s a fairly-important bit of advocacy. I’ll keep it for now, but I hope to do a faster-paced and more entertaining remake in the future.

This last video “How to Calculate the Hourly PSI” will only make sense if you’re from Singapore. (And maybe Malaysia.) I started making it during the last really bad stretch of the haze in Singapore (around October 2015), but by the time I finished making it, the worst of the haze was over. Since then the haze hasn’t really come back, which is great for Singaporeans, but not so good for the video’s view count lol.